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The Call Of Christ by Jackie English (Nov 14th, 2021)

God intends us to enjoy His creation.

God intends us to enjoy His creation; that’s why it’s beautiful. We see His wonders above us, beneath us, all around us, even within us. We’re encircled by an eye-popping, mind-boggling, awe-inspiring cosmos, which logically implies there’s a Creator who sees, thinks, and inspires awe. The universe is full of pulsating energy, so it’s Maker must be omnipotent. It appears virtually endless, so He must be eternal. Because it’s finely calibrated, He must be intelligent. Since it contains life, He must be personal; and since it’s magnificent, He must be altogether lovely. Assuming the existence of a Creator isn’t a mindless leap of faith; it’s the most reasonable thing in the universe. -Robert Morgan M100 Spiral Galaxy