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The Call Of Christ by Jackie English (Nov 14th, 2021)

Rev. Jackie English
Lead Pastor

In 1977, God sent Peggy and me to serve the Body of Christ in the Marble Falls area – against my better judgment, I might add! I was a 25-year-old-not-yet-dry-behind-the-ears music and youth director from the big city (Austin), and I was content to keep doing that for a while longer. I had little experience preaching and no experience providing pastoral care or leadership to a body of believers, and frankly, the whole idea intimidated me. A lot! But God pursued us, and we relented, and we have been enjoying His grace and mercy and provision and power and love ever since. And we have learned that pastoral ministry – like everything else in the Kingdom of God – isn’t about us, it is about HIM. His Grace is always enough.

Now, after almost 37 years in His service, my personal vision has become marvelously, beautifully simple and huge at the same time: I know that the purpose of my life is to experience the Love and Grace of God every day, and help others do the same. It is my joy and privilege to introduce others to this wonderful, life-changing experience, as it is also my joy and privilege to minister in praise and worship every Sunday with my wonderful wife and soul mate, Peggy, whose anointed ministry on the flute (Master of Music in Flute Performance, University of Texas, 1973) makes my heart sing!

I am, for the moment, a bi-vocational pastor, with a “day job” as Director of Instructional Design for a global corporate training company that serves more than half of the Fortune 500. Peggy is a loan assistant at Lone Star Capital Bank. But when we aren’t in church, we would prefer to be hanging out with our grown kids – David, Jonathan and Penny – and their kids – Alice, Jackson, Lora, Joe, Sarah, and Sam.